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Best way to get in touch with me is right here. I also have a plurk you're free to add as a friend, but bear in mind I have pings turned off. Use private plurks or, if you're going to add me, make sure I can tell who you play and where!

This post is also pulling double duty as my HMD, and I'd appreciate any feedback at all! Does he sound okay? Am I doing all right by his character in general? Did I screw up something cultural?

Anon is on, IP logging is on for anon, comments will be screened if you ask.
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"Hello... uh, hey. This is Amal. You know what to do."


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[ OOC ]

Backtagging: No problem at all, believe me. I pretty much rely on this.

Threadhopping: I make sure to mark threads private if they're not open for threadjack. If you're not sure, ask!

Fourthwalling: Go ahead, at this point he won't be surprised to find out he's in comics.

Offensive subjects: I'm not easily offended! I do have a serious squick about bad things happening to hands and feet, though. Especially fingernails.

[ IC ]

Hugging this character: Sure, if you have the CR for it. He's not really big on affection, at least not right away.

Kissing this character: A little trickier. Goes over a lot better if he's drunk, high, or in the moment.

Flirting with this character/Relationships: Flirting is always okay! Bear in mind, though, it's not going anywhere if your character isn't a dude. Relationships... that's a bit trickier. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Easiest way to get on his bad side: Insult the things he's most proud of, attack his loved ones, be condescending or close-minded.

Easiest way to get on his good side: Be hot, male, and laid back. Being a nerd is a big bonus.

Can I hack his journal?: Ask me. You're practically guaranteed a yes.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/etc?: Probably, but ask first.

Sexual orientation: Gay.

Fighting with this character: He can if he absolutely has to, but he'd really rather not. He's much more likely to back down and try to settle things peacefully.

Injuring this character: Sure! Just nothing too extensive. I don't want him laid up for months or anything.

Killing this character: Most likely, but ask first.

Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: He's just a normal guy with no defenses against that sort of thing. ICly he'd really rather your character didn't, but there's nothing he can do to stop it from happening.

Warnings: Okay, this is where your feedback comes in! Canonly, Amal is a fan (or at least aware of) of Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter, D&D, and it's likely he knows other canons that were popular in or before 2008. Obviously I can't have him wandering around fourthwalling half the game, so please fill this out for me!

Thanks in advance for helping me out! :)


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